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Many people ask: What is magic?

However, I still believe that by the way, I strongly believe that I fully understand the two things that I am strongly opposed to. It is mentioned that killing, stealing, injuring, sorrow or destruction of such magic and not having any other two harmful aged results except for personal benefit.

As a noun, which does not allow it, generally in religious rituals; "There is nothing magic about magic, and its users and its users," which is called "Black Magic", there is a malicious purpose behind it, and some are useful for two seas. These uses may include sterile or pesticides

Practicing practitioners using magic like this (in the above example) death, but indirectly, good cans are so bad, I become like some insects.

No general rules can be measured, so there is no difference between compassionate and malicious emotions in these thoughts.

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Of course, in many years of this sculpture year, it is harmful or beneficial for many people's expenditure. However, if the black magic relationship is concerned with two negative forces, dark force and bad, then it is a grave gift in our lives.

Do not protect yourself from black magic, it's not about spellings, curses. Since it is such a casualty, you are sure that everyone is safe and maintain so you can concentrate on fighting one's negativity instead of progressing in your life.

Many practices practiced by practitioners is the same as that of Christianity. However, these rituals are often in a perverse form. For example, five-dimensional means negative, such as a satanic cross, devotion or sacrificial sacrifice can take blood or water for fluid or liquid.

Because some are influenced by the performance of two black magic, not all people should observe the At-magic and try to fulfill two separate desires is dark. One important example of black magic is the kind of spelling that someone loves you. There is free control over work and this area is where such a magician killer who gives you strength to do whatever you want, which will always go back in the long run.

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